Together we can support
our students and make
Portland a leader in
teaching climate literacy.

Portland Public Schools will sponsor activities that bring together teachers, students, and members of the community who are working for a future free of fossil fuels and for just solutions to the climate crisis, to share knowledge, resources, curriculum, and opportunities for students to become active in responding positively to the climate crisis, including learning job skills that will be needed in the transition away from fossil fuels

From the PPS Climate Resolution

We are promoting the ½ Elective Credit, matching students to environmentally-related service projects. Learn more about how we can assist you.

Are you involved in promoting climate justice or teaching climate literacy? Want to engage Portland's high school students in a project or offer other opportunities? Contact us!

Are you a sustainability-minded business that wants to support our initiative? Contact us about how your business can sponsor a student project or offer internships or summer employment.

What teachers are saying!

“I've been enormously impressed by their dedication in reaching out to every high school in Portland.”

Bill Bigelow,
Rethinking Schools magazine

“Students cannot do this alone. They need guidance from adults who will listen to them, and learn with them.”

Jan Zuckerman, Teacher
Sunnyside Environmental School

“Students are developing the skills and sense of empowerment they need to be environmental activists"

Ethan Medley, Teacher
Grant High School

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